The modern investor has all the necessary tools for successful investment, portfolio diversification and profit. Until recently, the stock market was only available to investors with significant financial capacity, and that the OTC market opened its doors to people with smaller volume of financial opportunities, offering them a unique opportunity to work with the tools that were previously inaccessible.

A modern investor has all the necessary tools for successful investing, portfolio diversification and receiving benefits. Until recently the Stock Market has only been available to investors with big funds, but the OTC market has opened its doors to investors with limited funds, offering them a unique opportunity to work with instruments that were previously unavailable for retail.

PoloInvest gives you an opportunity to plunge into the world of equity trading and carry out transactions with CFD’s for Stocks through the market’s most popular investment platform – the MetaTrader4. Among the instruments that you will trade you can find CFD’s for Apple, Google, Microsoft and General Electric stocks, as well as those of multiple international banks, oil companies and holdings. However, you should know that trading shares through CFD’s doesn’t involve the transfer of property title. Such transactions are only carried out to obtain profits, allowing you to benefit thanks to a difference between buying and selling prices of the underlying asset.

If you trade shares through CFD’s with PoloInvest, we shall not charge you any fees or commissions that you would normally have to pay in a traditional Stock Exchange. In addition, you can trade both upward and downward, which makes such negotiations the most flexible on the market.

Our specialists prepare daily reports about the situation in global markets, and you will always stay updated in order to make the right decisions.

Open a Real or a Demo Account with PoloInvest and start trading Shares through CFD’s.

Features of the stock market:

  • In periods of major depression share price could rise significantly, which allows you to make a profit even in the absence of economic growth in general.
  • You can earn money in two ways: how to increase the value of shares, and in the fall.
  • Trade in shares tied to specific exchanges, which have their own timetable.
  • Not necessarily physically own shares to make a profit on changes in their prices.