Pros portfolio PoloInvest December is one of the best deals for 2016. offers advantage associated with the period of “Christmas rally”, during which global equity markets literally “take off.” Shares of companies whose products are in great demand as Christmas and New Year gifts, are soaring in price. PoloInvest Our Clients investing in the portfolio will be able to get a good profit at the expense of growth. Practice in 2015 showed profits of 65% of the forecast of 25-30%! This year, analysts predict PoloInvest profit of 35%.

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Netflix – an American company, a supplier of films and TV series based on streaming media. In 2002, Netflix added a list of NASDAQ-exchange. Since January 2016 the service has started and is now available for users registered in 130 countries, including such large audiences as Russia, India and South Korea. In III quarter of this year, the actual subscriber growth exceeded forecasts by more than 50% since the original series attracted new foreign spectators and saved American, despite the rise in prices. Today, the key to future success is the number of Netflix series for Marvel universe. In December 2016 Netflix out of the second season premiere of “Fuller House” series, which is filmed on the basis of the reality show quite popular in the United States in the late 80’s – early 90-ies.

Quarterly profit: I quarter – $ 1.82 billion; II quarter – $ 1.96 billion; III quarter – $ 2.11 billion; IV quarter – forecast for $ 2.29 billion.

Market capitalization: $ 50.06 billion.


Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd – a Chinese public company operating in the field of Internet commerce, the owner of the web portal In September 2014 an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange has attracted $ 21.8 billion, later increased to $ 25 billion, making it the largest IPO in history. Within 24 hours of the sale of the world November 11, 2016 trading platform Alibaba Internet giant sold goods for $ 17.8 billion. A further 4 hours prior to the end of the sales Alibaba broke the record in 2015 ($ 14.34 billion). Given the statistics of last year, the volume of sales of the company Alibaba is much higher than Amazon sales during the Christmas rally.

Quarterly profit for 2016: I quarter – $ 34.54 billion; II quarter – $ 24.18 billion; III quarter – $ 32.15 billion; IV quarter – the forecast of $ 34.29 billion.

Market capitalization: $ 231.04 billion.


The Walt Disney Company – the largest financial conglomerate in the world of entertainment. Walt Disney Company owns a number of cable TV networks, including Disney Channel, ABC Family, Toon Disney, ESPN and SOAPnet channel network. Disney has a significant stake in Lifetime Television (50%), A & E Network (37,5%), E! (40%) and Jetix Europe N.V. (100%). In 2015 came the film “Star Wars: The Awakening forces” and for the very first weekend the film grossed $ 238 million, thus setting a world record. Total box office receipts “Awakening forces” were $ 2 billion. At 14 December 2016 scheduled the world premiere of the movie “Cast Away-one. Star Wars: The Stories. ” This is an important event for the Walt Disney this year and all the investors are waiting for reports at the box office for the first weekend of shows. If they beat another world record, the stock will show a great dynamic.
Quarterly profit for 2016: I quarter – $ 15.24 billion; II quarter – $ 12.97 billion; III quarter – $ 14.28 billion; IV quarter – $ 13.14 billion.
Market capitalization: $ 158.81 billion.


The American corporation Boeing – one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, aerospace and defense technology, known primarily for his popular airliners. Aerospace company Boeing should already start in 2017 to effectively work with NASA, to deliver astronauts to the ISS orbit and help the US space agency to refuse services of Russian rocket “Soyuz”.
Market capitalization: $ 80 billion.


Microsoft – a company that develops software and “cloud” services. Cloud technology in the II quarter of 2016 brought the company $ 13.8 billion profit – more than 50% of the profits of the company. In the arsenal of the company has a range of computer hardware: Tablet PC Surface PRO, Surface Book laptop and desktop PC Surface Studio, which compete with Apple lineup similar companies. In 2017, the company intends to release a smartphone – Surface phone.
Market capitalization: $ 407 billion.


Samsung – the largest manufacturer of electronics, telecommunications equipment, household appliances and computer equipment, as well as in the company has a division dealing with the construction of tankers and weapons development. In 2016, Samsung has acquired a startup Viv – artificial intelligence, far ahead of Siri and Cortana. The company plans to equip its new flagship Galaxy S8 that artificial intelligence and to further develop its equipping Viv audio, video and TV equipment.
Of course the failure of the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reflected in the value of the shares of the company, but did not affect its development. C output Galaxy S8 smartphone can be expected to return the shares to their former positions, making Samsung the company attractive for investment.


WAL-MART – the world’s largest retail chain, which includes more than 10 130 stores in 27 countries. Among them – as hypermarkets and supermarkets that sell food and industrial goods. Wal-Mart is stepping up investment in China and increase the number of stores in the country. By 2017, Wal-Mart plans to open 115 new stores in China, which will create more than 30 thousand. Jobs. In addition, the company intends to soon launch a mobile application that will connect to the stores department e-commerce Wal-Mart in China – Yihaodian. This will allow customers to order goods over the Internet with delivery at Wal-Mart stores.
Market capitalization: $ 231.02 billion.


Amazon – an American company, the world’s largest in terms of turnover among selling goods and services via the Internet and one of the first online services focused on sale of real goods of mass demand. Pending the Christmas holidays have a significant impact on the number of parcels with gifts that will grow rapidly. Amazon Company are confined to the case of his new feature for iOS application. Amazon also plans to expand the presence of its video service Amazon Prime Video to 200 countries and territories to the end of 2016.
Market capitalization: $ 163 billion.


Citigroup Inc. – One of the largest international financial conglomerates, which is one of the world leaders in the field of financial services. The Bank manages assets worth more than $ 1.9 trillion. It is a primary dealer of US Treasury securities.
Raising interest rates in December, will play a huge benefit for the banks. At Citi rise interest on customer service from $ 35 to $ 40.
Market capitalization: $ 118 billion.


J.P. Morgan Chase & Co – one of the oldest financial conglomerates in the US and in the world, which in the formation of the current acts since 2000 after the merger of J.P. Morgan & Co and Chase Manhattan Corp. As of 2015 the most profitable direction – retail banking net profit amounted to $ 10 billion In the list of the largest companies in the ranking Fortunebank occupies 23th place in the US and 55 in the world.. He became the best investment bank in 2015 according to the magazine «Global Finance». At the end of the III quarter of this year, the bank recorded a revenue of $ 25.51 billion, an increase of almost $ 2 billion higher than forecast. Raising interest rates in December, will play a huge benefit for the banks. At JPMorgan rise interest on customer service from $ 64 to $ 67.
Market capitalization: $ 242 billion.


Coca-Cola – a global manufacturer and supplier of concentrates, syrups and soft drinks. Coca-Cola brand is the most expensive brand in the world, including well-known soft drinks 94% of the population. November 8, 2016 in Almaty the 2017 Winter Universiade, and the organizers of the Coca-Cola Company announced a collaboration in which, Coca-Cola became a partner and official supplier of soft drinks to games. In addition, in order to facilitate this major event will be exclusively printed logo 2017 Winter Universiade on the labels of Coca-Cola products. The company is the personification of the Christmas holidays. Related to this is the growth of Coca-Cola shares during this period.
Market capitalization: $ 174,950,000,000.


Tiffany & Co. – Company with a reputation around the world one of the best producers of luxury goods, jewelry and accessories. 2016 officially declared the brand Tiffany & Co. Year rings Tiffany Setting. The reason – the legendary adornment celebrate 130 years, during which it has earned the status of the main character of the traditional arms deals and heart and the most popular engagement rings in the world. Tiffany Accessories are the most desired gift for the Christmas holidays for women all over the world.
Market capitalization: $ 9.44 billion.


Apple – ranked first in the world by market capitalization, the amount of which is 537 billion US dollars. During the Christmas holidays the demand for Apple Soup traditionally grows and this year you can expect a good momentum, since it is no secret how popular iPhone.


Google – is not only the most popular search engine (72% of requests), but also develop in many other directions. This “smart” advertising, medicine, the “green” energy, software development and cloud computing, and more. The company’s revenue for the III quarter of 2016 amounted to $ 22.5 billion, Google is the leader in the development of artificial intelligence. Establish and implement a system of “smart house”, guglmobil. Google is also in cooperation with NASA has been developing a quantum computer D-WAVE. D-WAVE is the first and only one working copy of a quantum computer. The company is the developer of the software distribution for smartphones – Android. In December Google released an updated OS Android 7.1.


Dow Jones (The Dow Jones Industrial Average) – leading the price index of the US stock market, which is calculated based on the share prices of the 30 largest industrial companies in the US, taken by leading industries.
November 10, 2016 the Dow Jones index hit a record intraday high, as investors believe that the President-elect Donald Trump will move away from austerity policies. Against the background of this information, investors are investing in leading companies of the Dow Jones index, which can benefit from the victory of Donald Trump on the US elections. Donald Trump plans to develop an industrial policy of the USA, which would entail the good momentum of the giant companies that are included in the Dow Jones index.


Hang Seng – a key index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange one of the most powerful stock exchanges of Southeast Asia, whose market capitalization in excess of $ 3 trillion. Given the enormous influence exerted on the Hang Seng Index by the British financial conglomerate HSBC, the index of the stock exchange of Hong Kong is the most accurate in the world index, which reflects the real monetary situation of the planet. His fall in the beginning of 2016 failed to derail even the index of Dow Jones.
Benefits Hand Seng index lie in the possibility of rapid operations in the financial market, the four parties – the whales of the world economy, a small percentage of the real sector companies.


FTSE – a key index of the London Stock Exchange. The index is based on the stock prices of 100 companies with the largest capitalization, included in the list of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It is considered one of the most influential stock indicators in Europe. In order to capitalize on the FTSE 100 index, there is no need to analyze each company included in it. The British economy as a whole affects its dynamics, namely the price of the British pound GBP, the political situation in the country, the tax increase, decline in exports, an imbalance of supply and demand, Brexit.


Bitcoin – инновационная платежная система и новый вид денег. Система «Биткойн» является прорывом в области компьютерных наук, который опирается на 20 лет исследований криптографических валют. Котировка биткойна формируется исключительно балансом спроса и предложения, не привязана к какой-либо валюте или другому активу. Осенью 2015 года биткоин подорожал на 97%, превысив 490 долларов. Значительные колебания котировок вызвали много обсуждений. Появились прогнозы, что цена биткойна в будущем достигнет 40 тыс. долларов и даже 100 тыс. долларов. По прогнозам аналитиков биткойн может вытеснить доллар с позиции мировой резервной валюты в течение 10-15 лет. На сегодняшний день, биткоины испытывают сильные курсовые колебания, что может дать инвесторам возможность зарабатывать как на повышении, так и на понижении.


Gold – among private investors has increased distrust of governments, financial system and currency. Central banks have stopped the sale of its gold reserves, and many of them have started to buy them back. Due to these and other social factors, the yellow metal is now considered almost as the only safe haven for capital preservation. In connection with the elections in America, which was won by Donald Trump, the dollar is much stronger, and on this background, gold dipped. Now is the perfect time to purchase. The price of gold fell due to speculation, but the fact of the gold on the planet Earth is running out, and it becomes difficult to extract. In the near future the price of gold could reach the mark of $ 1 500 per troy ounce.


Silver – during the Christmas holidays precious metals are in high demand, as most people on the planet prefer to give her lover jewelry that will give greater momentum to silver on the increase in demand. Another reason why investors are buying silver in large quantities – in the world of silver is reduced much faster than it is produced or processed recycled. Due to the fact that silver can not be replaced in many products, without such goods just will not.


EUR / USD – is the leader among the most traded currency pairs. EURUSD reflects the two largest economies in the world and is regarded as the most liquid of all pairs. Analysts predict PoloInvest in December 2016 a downward trend for several reasons. The first reason – it’s a strong appreciation of the dollar index. The US currency strengthened against its major counterparts and the USD is now at the highest level since January 2003. The second reason – the dynamics of the credit markets. The yield on German 10-year government bonds is reduced in relation to their counterparts in the US and the UK, which reduces the attractiveness of investments in European assets. The third reason – this is a weak release of the euro area balance of payments for September. The surplus declined by 13.9% yoy, which is the highest level in the last 6 months.


GBPUSD – one of the oldest currency pairs, is the ratio of the pound against the US dollar. The GBPUSD is considered highly liquid, as the pound is the third of the major world reserve currencies on the foreign exchange market and the US dollar – the first. UK National currency – the pound sterling could fall by 25% against the dollar on the background of the economic difficulties caused by the release of the country from the European Union the composition of the end of 2016 (the so-called Brexit).

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