Yandex N. V. (YNDX)

Yandex N. V.-Russian IT company, which owns the eponymous search engine on the Web and the Internet portal. The search engine “Yandex” is the fourth among the search engines of the world in the number of processed search requests (over 6.3 billion per month at the beginning of 2014). As of July 5, 2015, according to rating site in popularity is the 19-th place in the world and first in Russia.

The head of the holding company is registered in the Netherlands in 2004, the company Yandex N.V., whose shares are traded mainly on the NASDAQ with a 50% free float in 2014.

At the beginning of 2016 “Yandex” search engine is the fourth planet from the 4.84 billion searches. For this indicator, it lags behind only from Google, Baidu and Yahoo !. And it should be noted, “Yandex” is the fastest growing search engine in the top five. The share of the Russian Internet market is 60.5%. The number of daily searches of 250 million.