X5 Retail Group (FIVE)

X5 Retail Group – the Russian company, retailer, owner of retail chains “Pyaterochka”, “Crossroads,” “Carousel”, “Kopeika” and the owner of the Internet project «E5.RU orders table.” The company is registered in the Netherlands, the headquarters – vMoskve.

At 31 December 2007, the group operated 674 own and 680 franchise stores “Pyaterochka”, as well as 179 own and franchise stores 8 “Crossroads.”

On June 1, 2015 running X5 was 4618 stores located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of European Russia, the Urals and Ukraine. Multi-network includes 3966 stores “Pyaterochka” format “soft” discount stores, 384 supermarket “Crossroads”, 81 hypermarket and 187 shops “at home”. At 31 March 2011, the number of franchise stores in Russia amounted to 690.

Since the founding of the group implements a strategy of foreclosure franchise partners, focusing only on those companies that are leaders in the regions.