Тhe Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.- one of the world\’s largest investment banks, is a financial conglomerate, in the circle of financiers known as «The Firm», is engaged in investment banking, securities trading, investment management and other financial services primarily with institutional customers. On September 20, 2013 is included in the Dow Industrial index Dzhonsa.Bank was founded in 1869, is headquartered in New York, in lower Manhattan. Chairman of the Board – Lloyd Blankfein, president – Gary Koen.Rynochnaya bank capitalization in October 2015 – $ 77.70 billion
At the beginning of the XX century, Goldman Sachs was the only major player in the IPO market was formed. In 1906, the Bank manages the largest at the time of the initial public Sears Roebuck. Goldman Sachs also became the first company to heavily hired graduates from the best business schools sostepenyu in business administration. Goldman Sachs was involved in the IPO companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Ford, GE. In 2006, the Bank also participated in the initial public offering of Rosneft (although it is not a bank-underwriter). Goldman Sachs owns 962tys. Tesla shares and 30% of Burger King.