Tel Aviv 25 Index (TA25)

Stock index TA-25 (another common name Tel Aviv-25) – an index that reflects the state of the stock of the market, as well as the dynamics of change in prices for shares of 25 of the largest companies (with a capitalization of at least 600 million shekels.), Listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

For the first time the index TA-25 was calculated on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange January 1, 1992 with a base level of 100.

The index is maintained Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is recalculated in real time during the auction mode. Market is open from Sunday to Thursday.

Since February 2008, the index of the TA-25 and other indices of this family are calculated using the free balanced, the total market capitalization, taking into account their impact on the index, that is, large companies have more weight in the final value of the index in comparison with the less companies capitalization.

The list of companies included in the index TA-25, is determined twice a year, on the first working day of January and the first working day of July. The index includes companies of oil and gas, chemical, aerospace and food processing, telecommunications and technology, real estate sector, finance and pharmaceuticals.