Société Générale (GLE)

Société Générale – one of France’s largest financial conglomerates in Europe. Headquarters – in Paris.

The main activities of Société Générale:

  • French retail banking network – includes network Société Générale Network and Credit du Nord network; Also included on-line banking (Boursorama).
  • Turnover in 2015 amounted to € 8.55 billion, net profit – € 1,4 billion
  • International Retail Banking and Financial Services – brings together several regions and destinations
  • Europe – banking services in Germany (Hanseatic Bank, BDK), Italy (Fiditalia), Czech Republic (KB, Essox), Romania (BRD) and Poland (Eurobank)
  • Russia – banking services, provided by Rosbank, and Deltacredit Rusfinance
  • Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean and America – the most important banks in Morocco (SGMB), Algeria (SGA), Tunisia (UIB), Cameroon (SGBC), Côte d’Ivoire (SGBCI) and Senegal (SGBS); the whole turnover of the three regions totaled € 5 billion in 2015, net profit – € 266 million
  • Insurance – life insurance and other types of insurance (company Sogecap, Sogessur, Oradea Vie and others); turnover – € 825 million, net profit – € 337 million
  • Trade finance and equipment – Turnover in 2015 € 1,5 billion, net profit – € 474 million
  • Financial services car rental (ALD Automotive)
  • Global Banking and investment – services to companies and financial institutions, including financing, IPO, storage assets, consulting and asset management in France and abroad. Turnover in 2015 amounted to approximately € 8.5 billion, net profit – € 1.7 Bln.
  • Société Générale is one of the five banks involved in the gold fixing. Other participants are Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank USA iDeutsche Bank.