Samsung Electronics (SMSN)

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd – International multinational electronics companies, semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, memory chips, liquid crystal displays, mobile phones and monitors.

The 124 company offices in 56 countries around the world more than 164 thousand people.

The main directions of Samsung Electronics are:

  • Device Solution ( «Semiconductors and LCDs”),
  • Digital Media ( «Digital Media”),
  • Digital Appliance ( «Household appliances»)
  • Telecommunication Network ( «Information Technologies and Telecommunications”).
    The structure of the company:

-Podrazdelenie Digital Media: development and production of modern digital devices, TVs, color monitors, DVD-players, laptops, printers and portable entertainment devices.

  • Microarray division: production of DRAM memory chips, SRAM, and flash memory. Samsung is a leader in DRAM and SRAM continuously for 13 years.
  • Division of liquid crystal displays. Samsung has set several records in the production of LCD panels in the past few years.
  • Telecommunications Division: production of CDMA phones, TDMA, GSM 3G standard phones, 4G.
    home appliances division: production of microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household goods.