Renault (RNO)

Renault Group – French carmaker Corporation. The company’s headquarters is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris. Currently, Renault cars come around 200 countries worldwide.

Renault controls the Korean company Samsung Motors (80,1%), the Romanian Dacia (99,43%) and owns a 43.4% stake in the Japanese Nissan Motor Company, more than 50% of the Russian “AvtoVAZ”, 3.1% of Daimler and 20, 5% of the Swedish AB Volvo. Renault and Nissan alliance (Renault-Nissan Alliance) held on the fourth place in the world to produce cars in 2009. The company produces vehicles under the brands «Renault», «Samsung» and «Dacia». The range includes passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Renault is also involved in the production of engines for other manufacturers, including the production of diesel engines for the Mercedes Class C. Since 2001, the department engaged in trucks, Volvo sold the concern with preserving the Renault brand. Department engaged in buses, Irisbus is in the ownership group.

The company’s annual turnover is about € 110 billion. The number employees – more than 1 million.