QIWI (QIWI plc) – the international payment service. It is an electronic payment system, which allows to make payments using a variety of devices and communication channels, both fixed and mobile. QIWI Customers can use cash, prepaid cards and other means of non-cash payments to order and pay for goods and services in stores and via the Internet. Cash and electronic calculations are combined into a single system. QIWI Group formed in 2007.

Using the system can pay for utility services, communication services, to repay bank loans, purchase air and railway tickets. QIWI Multiplatform service allows you to make payments through QIWI terminals, via the Internet and using applications for mobile platforms. With the help of Visa QIWI Wallet, you can set time limits for deferred payments to be notified of upcoming payments and the details have already spent, and save all the necessary details in the payment system. The company’s annual turnover is about 6.17 billion rubles.