Futures for food are divided between the two exchanges: trading milk and butter are in the US on the CME, and sugar, and coffee in the American section of the ICE. Trading volumes on the ICE at times overlap the same indicator at the CME – interest in traditional dairy products is clearly lower than in coffee and orange juice. Tickers on NYMEX – Gold GC, silver SI, copper CP. eCBOT, respectively gold ZG, silver ZI.

Gold is traded in US dollars per troy ounce, tick size – 0.1 corresponds to $ 10 per contract (hereinafter, where the contracts are traded in pita bread and electronically, the size and cost of teak – on electronic contracts). Silver also traded in dollars / cents per ounce, tick size of 0.1 cents, equivalent to 5 per contract. Copper traded in cents per pound, the minimum price change of – 0.05 cents, corresponding to $ 12.50 on contract.


Sugar No.11 – futures on sugar cane to supply 112,000 pounds, ticker SB (854K).

Sugar No.16 – Deliverable futures contract on 112,000 pounds of sugar from the United States, ticker SF (12K).

Delivery Months: March, May, July, October

Price in cents for 1 pound

Minimum tick: 0.01 cents = $ 11.20

Coffee. Coffee ‘C’ – Deliverable contract for 37,500 pounds of grain, ticker KC (94K).

Delivery Months: March, May, July, September

Price in dollars and cents for 1 pound

Minimum tick: 0.05 cents = $ 18.75