Pepsi Co (PEP)

PepsiCo, Inc. – US food company. Headquarters – in Garrison, New York.
The company produces soft drinks, juices, snacks and other food products under the brands “Pepsi-Cola», Mountain Dew, Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Lay’s, Cheetos, Mirinda, SoBe, Tropicana, as well as under the local brands.
In 1998, PepsiCo acquired Tropicana, in 2001 – the company Quaker Oats.
At the end of the first decade of the XXI century, the company has implemented a number of major acquisitions in Russia by acquiring in 2008 the company “Lebedyansky”, and in 2011 – the company “Wimm-Bill-Dann”.
Also in 2010, to the two largest PepsiCo bottler companies were merged (engaged in PepsiCo bottling) – The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) and PepsiAmericas, which led to the creation of a second in the world (after Nestle) for the volume production of the food groups.
The total number of employees of the company – 285 thousand people.