Palladium (PA)

Palladium is named after the asteroid Pallas. In turn, an asteroid named after Pallas Athena from Greek mythology. Palladium – a chemical element that resembles platinum and silver.

Main palladium deposit in the world are in countries such as Russia, South Africa, USA and Canada.

Palladium is used in the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing and chemical industries, as well as in jewelery and dentistry.

In addition, the metal palladium is used for the manufacture of special glassware, corrosion-resistant parts of precision measuring instruments. Palladium and its alloys are manufactured medical instruments, parts of pacemakers, certain medications.

The chemical composition and properties

Palladium – Platinum is the easiest of the elements (the density of 12.02 g / cc) and very low melting – melting temperature 15520S.

The silver-white metal. One of the six platinum group metals other than platinum itself, which is found in the native state. In appearance it is difficult to distinguish from the native platinum, but it is much easier and it softer. The average content in the crust of 1 × 10-6% by weight.

The amplitude of the oscillations of palladium lately quite substantial. Periodically, he becomes defensive asset periodically loses this property. We therefore recommend that the metal for active traders.