Новатэк (NVTK)

“Novatek” – Russian gas company, originally from Novokuybyshevsk Samara region, the second on volumes of natural gas producer in Russia.

“Novatek” leads to the production Yurkharovskoye, East Tarkosalinskoye, Khancheyskoye and other fields of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Also, the company owns a plant for processing gas condensate stabilization and in the city of Tarko-Sale, transport company “Novatek-Transervice”. Also in the city of Novokuibyshevsk: Plant “Novatek-Polymer” → producing polypropylene film, truboizolyatsionnye materials, plastic pipes, cable insulation, PVC profile, PVC windows and construction company “Nova” → (former State Union Trust “Kuybyshevtruboprovodstroy”).

Since 2007, the company owns a 50% interest in the concession for exploration and development of hydrocarbons in the offshore block of El Arish in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Shares of “Yamal LNG” shareholders are distributed as follows: “Novatek” – 60%, Total- 20% CNPC- 20%. The transaction has received the necessary approval of the Russian, European and Chinese regulators in late December of 2013.

On nachalo2016 the proven reserves of hydrocarbons “Novatek” according to the Russian classification amounted to 2.5 trillion cubic meters.