Netherlands 25 (FTI)

AEX index (derived from the English. Amsterdam Exchange Index) is the most important stock index Netherlands. The index covers the 25 largest Dutch companies, whose shares are traded on the stock exchange Euronext Amsterdam. List of companies are reviewed twice a year – in March and September. AEX is calculated as a weighted arithmetic mean of capitalization value stock prices, while market capitalization is taken into account in proportion to the number of shares in free float.

the index was first published on 3 January 1983 under the name European Options Exchange (EOE) and included 13 companies: ABN, Ahold, Akzo, Amro, Gist-Brocades, Heineken, Hoogovens, KLM, Royal Dutch, Nationale Nederlanden, Philips, Unilever, Nedlloyd . The tool with relatively low liquidity. It has a high correlation with the German DAX 30.