IBM Corp. (IBM)

The company, now known under the name IBM was founded June 16, 1911 and was called CTR (Computing Tabulating Recording). In 1943 began the history of IBM computers – was created “Mark I», weighing about 4.5 tons. But already in 1952 it appears «IBM 701”, the first large computer lamps.
Key, IBM:

1.IBM Global Services (IGS, Consulting Division)

2.Systems and Technology Group (STG, separation equipment manufacturing)

3.Software Group (Department of software development)

IBM’s net income was in the fourth quarter of 2015. $ 4.46 billion. Revenue Division “strategic directions”, which includes cloud and analytical services in the fourth quarter rose by 10%. Throughout the past year, revenue amounted to about $ 29 billion. The IBM expects to receive in 2016 the net profit per share of at least $ 13.5. Experts forecast an average of $ 15 per share.