Heating Oil (HO)

Fuel oil – type of fuel oil, derived from heavy oil processing residues, coal and oil shale. It is used as boiler fuel in power generation, shipping and industry. In terms of composition is very similar to diesel fuel.

Heating oil vary in the following parameters:

  • Viscosity Index (possibility of pumping, spraying in the furnace)
  • sulfur content
  • congelation point
  • Ash (ash deposits on boilers)
  • Density
  • Flash Point (fire hazard).
  • The chemical composition and properties

Physico-chemical properties of fuel oil depends on the chemical composition of the original crude oil and is characterized by the following data: viscosity of 8-80 mm² / s (at 100 ° C), the density of 0,89-1 g / cm³ (at 20 ° C), a pour point of 10 40 ° C, a sulfur content of 0.5-3.5%, ash 0.3%, the lower calorific value MJ 39,4-40,7 / mol.

Significant maximum shoulder to trade fuel oil at a moderate volatility makes this tool interesting enough to trade.