This page shows the values of the current exchange rate of the pound sterling against the US dollar. To online monitor the dynamics of exchange rate, a graph on the page quotations.

Pound sterling (Forex sign -, bank code: GBP) – British currency. The pound sterling was the main reserve currency in most countries in the XVIII and XIX centuries. The difficult economic situation in the UK after the Second World War and strengthening of the United States dominance in the world economy has led to the loss of the status of the pound sterling the most important currency. In mid-2006 he became the third most widespread reserve currency, received a surge in popularity in recent years. Administered and regulated by the Bank of England.

Dollar of the United States of America (currency sign – $, bank code: USD) – the monetary unit of the United States, one of the major reserve currencies in the world. 1 Dollar = 100 cents. The right to the issue of money has the Federal Reserve System (Eng. Federal Reserve System), performed in the US as the central bank.

The US dollar also has the status of the national currency, in some other countries (eg, Marshall Islands, El Salvador).