Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 (YM)

DJIA Dow Jones (born Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA.), (NYSE: DJI) – one of several stock market indices created by the editor of the Wall Street Journal and the founder of Dow Jones & Company Charles Dow (born Charles Dow.).

The index includes the 30 largest companies in the US. The prefix “Industrial” is a tribute to history – now many of the companies included in the index, do not belong to this sector. Initially, the index was calculated as the average price of the shares covered by the companies. Now used to calculate the average scalable – the price is divided by the divisor, which changes each time shares included in the index are subjected to crushing (Split) or consolidation (consolidation). This allows you to keep the index comparable, taking into account the changes in the internal structure of its constituent shares. Quite moderate volatility and tendency to prolonged trends make this index CFD on a good tool for patient investors.