Deutsche Bank (DB)

Deutsche Bank – the largest by number of employees and total assets financial conglomerate Germany. The Management Board is located in Frankfurt am Main.

Deutsche Bank – a universal, one of 29 major multinational banks according to the Financial Stability Board. It includes commercial, mortgage, investment banks, leasing companies, and so on. D. 28 million customers, 2,814 branches (including 1845 in Germany), multiple participation, branches, representative offices abroad (in 76 countries around the world including New York, London, Singapore, Sydney and Moscow). It is the largest participant in the currency market, attaches great importance to investment and issue its own securities.

Deutsche Bank is composed of the following units:

  • Private & Business Clients (services for individuals and legal entities, retail banking) – making payments; Maintenance of current accounts; investment management; pension funds; loans to individuals, small and medium businesses. These services are provided mainly in Germany, where the bank has 24 million customers. More 5 million customers are served in Belgium, India, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain. In other countries, Deutsche Bank works only with corporate clients.
  • Asset & Wealth Management (Capital Management) – a division of Deutsche Bank is one of the leading investment companies in the world, providing services in Private Wealth Management.
  • Corporate Banking & Securities (corporate banking and securities) – advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and debt restructuring; placement and trading in other securities (currency, stocks, bonds).
  • Global Transaction Banking (conducting international transactions) – services to corporations and financial institutions to conduct international payments, risk insurance, storage and transportation of valuables.
  • Non-Core Operations Unit (non-core operations department) – here are transferred to non-core activities of the bank’s assets with a high risk or loss ratio for the purpose of restructuring.
  • Deutsche Bank – one of the five banks involved in the gold fixing. Other participants are Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank USA and Société Générale.