Copper (HG)

The mineral, which is one of the first people pulled out of the ground, which led to the beginning of the Bronze Age.

Latin name Cuprum copper. It comes from the name of the island of Cyprus, which is already in the III millennium BC. e. there were copper mines and smelting of copper was produced.

Copper is found in nature, as in the compounds, and in native form. Most copper ore is mined by open method. The copper content in the ore is 0.3 to 1.0%.

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it the main raw material for the production of cables, wires and electrical products. Copper is also used in the construction industry.

Industrial consumption of copper:

  • Electrical Sector – 41%
  • Construction – 28%
  • Transport – 12%
  • Consumer – 9%
  • Industrial machinery and equipment – 10%
    The chemical composition and properties

Copper – a golden-pink plastic metal, the air is quickly covered with oxide film, which gives it a distinctive intense yellowish-red hue.

Copper is quite volatile instrument, together with a decent leverage available for trade in the metal of the profit or loss from transactions can be significant.

We highly recommend this tool active traders. In case the commodity market quotations of the metal are reduced along with the entire market. Metal is not protective.