China 50 (HSI)

Index Hang Seng (Hang Seng Index – HSI) – Hong Kong is the most important stock index is calculated as a weighted average capitalization value stock prices 34 largest joint stock companies in Hong Kong. Hang Seng Index is used to record and study the daily changes of the largest companies in the Hong Kong stock market, and is the main indicator of the behavior of the market as a whole.

These 34 companies account for 65% of the total capitalization of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Calculation of the index Hang Seng began November 24, 1969 by HSI Services Limited, which is wholly owned by Hang Seng Bank, the second largest bank capitalization of Hong Kong. High volatility and prolonged trends make this tool attractive for aggressive speculators. However, the tool is extremely dangerous for the participants with small capitals.