BP plc (BP)

BP plc – British oil and gas company, the second-largest publicly traded oil and gas company in the world.
The company conducts oil and gas production in many parts of the world, both on land and offshore. BP’s proved reserves for 2015 amounted to 1.4 billion tons of liquid hydrocarbons, 1.26 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.
BP owns the oil refining and petrochemical facilities, gas station network, produces oil under the Castrol brand. The company also holds stakes in 10 gas pipelines and five regasification terminals in the North Sea. In addition, the company owns a 47% stake in a gas pipeline in Alaska, as well as a number of receiving terminals for liquefied natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico.
The company has a division BPSolar, dedicated to the manufacture and installation of photovoltaic cells.
BP- one of the major players in hydrogen energy. The company is building a hydrogen fueling station supplies hydrogen for them. She participates in a variety of hydrogen demonstration projects across the globe.