3M Co. (MMM)

American diversified innovation and production company. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA). The company was founded in 1902 in the US state of Minnesota by five entrepreneurs to exploit a rare mineral corundum as an abrasive for polishing, grinding, and other functions. During the Great Depression, the company has invented a transparent tape. By 1932, a new product sold so well that the main customer base 3M moved from the furniture and automobile plants in office supply stores. In 1947, 3M spent the first public issue of shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Among the new products made their debut in the post-war years – magnetic cassettes, which dominated the market with competitors TDK and Maxell. In 1980, the company released a new invention: Stickers (or sticky leaves, post it), which were highly appreciated by consumers. In 2002 the company launched a composite wire ACCR, used in high-voltage power lines. the company was renamed «3M Company» Also this year. Today, the company’s plants in 60 countries produce more than 50 thousand. SKUs for medicine and various industries, including automotive, oil and gas, mining and others. (Abrasives, adhesives, etc.). The total number of employees – 80 thousand people (2010).. In 2014, the company’s revenue amounted to 29.9 billion dollars, net profit -. 4.444 billion dollars.. The company’s capitalization currently amounts to 85.14 billion. Dollar.
If the 2012-2013 year were not the most successful, the 2014-2015 proved to be prosperous. That is, the company continues to surprise the world with new technical innovations.